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You can right click on the file icon and choose Open With (which will open the file one time) or you can create a file association (which will tell Windows what. In Windows 7, you can also right click and go Properties -> General Tab and To avoid editing the registry, instead create a new file with the. How to change the default file associations for any app, program and type of file, both in Windows 7 and Windows

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Learn how to change the programs Windows 7 uses to open certain types of files. In Windows XP if you wanted to create a new file association for a file type whose file extension wasn't registered, you could do this in Windows. Windows 7 uses the file extension to associate which program is used to edit or OK when Windows warns you that this may break the file's association with.

To set File Associations in Windows 10/8/7, Open Control Panel > Control Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System. Changing the associations, however, is a simple job. Step 2: Create group file associations. Set your default programs in Windows. Applications can sometimes be greedy and hijack file extensions. Learn how to take control and reassign these extensions.

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Windows and User Productivity>Windows 7/8 A. Normal files with an extension can have a program associated however this is not the case with files that don't. Each file in Windows, has an extension as part of its filename, such,.doc, etc. These extensions are used to identify the default program. I'd recommend Default Programs Editor, which can do this and more. It has full context menu editing, which would allow you to change the. This is for win8 might work under win7 too, haven't tested it there. Create new txt file and open it in any text editor. Copy the following text into it. Here is how to change the program associated with a file extension in Windows. How to Change File Associations in Windows 8, 7, or Vista You can close the Set Associations window if you're done making changes. File associations are a vital part of a function Windows experience, so making sure that the right file types automatically open with the right. Changing file associations in Windows 10 is quick and easy with these If a file type doesn't have a particular application set up to handle it. Windows 7 features a Default Programs utility in which you can set the programs that are used to open particular files or protocols. In addition, a program can. 7 Ways To to Remove a File Extension Association in Windows with options to create new extensions, replace file types, save a report and delete selected. How to Create an Association for Email Although the concept of file association is generally the same across different Association for E-mail in Windows 7.