How long i wasted on lol

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend on LoL? An average player has spent hours on League of Legends and players took the. Find the best of the worst no-life on the Wall of Fame trough EUW (Europe. Have you ever wondered how much time you spend on LoL? An average player has spent hours on League of Legends and


When i checked last time how much time i spent playing lol (that was like 3 months ago) it said that i've played for like 30 days, now it says that. Hi guys, so i just wanted to know how long you guys have actually been in the preseason update depending on ur time spent on lol. Maybe LoL Stats, Record Replay, Database, Guide, MMR - or Mobalytics could tell you. If you think you spent a great many hours/days.

well i have time on my hands,let's see how long some of you are combined into my hours well that was a. I wasted ~79 days of my life atm. How much did you waste? Just curious:p. Find yourself wasting a lot of time in LoL, but not sure how much exactly? Well now you can find out just how much time wasted on lol!.

Find How Many Hours Have I Spent on LOL – League of Legends is certainly one of the Legendary and most famous RPG games ever made. Lots of people play LoL, with million jumping on daily during peak play hours. That's a lot of man-hours being poured into the hit MOBA. Ever wonder how much you've spent on Champions and skins over the years Now, keep in mind that most of us have spent filthy amounts of. Find Out How Much Time You've Spent on League of Legends You Do With It? Runes Reforged Will Make LoL Beginner Friendly Again. Have you ever wondered how much time you spend on Fortnite? An average player has spent hours on Fortnite and players took the test. admiralbrownie, you've spent about hours on League of Legends which means 25 days of your life. You are th on EUW servers. Finding out how much money we spent on LoL is as simple as sending a the info as soon as possible, but the system is in place to protect us. Google announced it is rolling out a new “stats” feature that will help you keep track of how much time you spend watching videos. It's part of the. Wasted Lol. All; Tees; Hoodies; Tanks; Mugs. freehugs. Fleece Blanket For You My Love. Classic Long Sleeve Tee. $25,99 · For You My Love. Triblend Tee. This page shows, how much time you have spent on lol. I have spent hours. Post yours too:D.

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