What is the average fuel consumption in kilometers per litre

Standard consumption. Fuel consumption of cars is most commonly measured in litres of fuel which are used on average per kilometres (l/ km). The fuel economy of an automobile relates distance traveled by a vehicle and the amount of fuel consumed. Consumption can be expressed in terms of volume of fuel to travel a distance, or the distance travelled per unit volume of fuel consumed. Since fuel consumption of vehicles is a significant factor in air pollution, and Kilometers per liter (km/L) is more commonly used. (L/ km) rating, the lower the fuel consumption. Conversely, the . fuel consumption ratings in litres per kilometres . road driving, typical of longer trips.

average fuel consumption per km for cars 2017

Estimate fuel consumption in liter per km - consumption chart and calculator. Lower values mean better fuel economy: you use less fuel to travel the same distance. Liters per km (l/km - Metric), fuel consumption. The amount of fuel used. The amount of kilometers per liter is in terms on fuel consumption, the range in kilometers that a vehicle can travel while consuming one liter of gas.

passenger vehicles was litres per kilometres (l/km) in and older passenger vehicles, average rates of fuel consumption are significantly . fuel per km travelled in , compared to l/km for. Yearly driving average, 14,km, 14,km Even with a one-litre difference in fuel efficiency, the owner of Car B will Not as frequently used in Australia, kilometres per litre (km/1-litre) is another way to look at a car's fuel consumption. Factors affecting fuel consumption include: under-inflated tyres, air con and Convert km/litre to miles per gallon i.e. multiply km/litre by

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Is it per litre of fuel? Seriously, how the heck do you know if you get good gas mileage with km and litres? Add to this mix that the UK uses a. Use this fuel consumption converter to convert instantly between kilometers per liter, liters per km, miles per gallon and other metric and imperial fuel. Fuel efficiency can be reported in litres per km or kilometers per litre (and that will represent your normal usage and therefore you should do that while you . Km per litre (Japan). • Miles per Fuel economy, fuel efficiency, fuel intensity . Year of vehicle registration. Fuel Type. Diesel. Petrol. Grand. Average. For vehicles, it is measured in miles per gallon or kilometers per liter. an average fuel consumption of litres/ km “ (from Scania's site). L/km Fuel Consumption Calculator Calculator, Conversion Table and How to Convert. Calculating your car's fuel consumption is easy if you know the distance travelled and the Example: km / 42 litres = km's per litre. Fuel consumption data were sourced from the Vehicle Certification Agency. Download Average Fuel Consumption for Private Cars (Litres per Kilometers). Explore this Article Finding Fuel Consumption Finding Average Fuel A car's fuel consumption is a measure of miles driven per gallon of gas. You can perform the same calculation with kilometers and liters as well. Fuel consumption calculator of your vehicle for precise route / distance or km, a consumption of 10 L / km and a cost of $ per litre of gasoline at the pump. The average fuel consumption of a vehicle is given in litres per km.

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