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Has anybody ever tried this to attract deer. Sounds a little far fetched, so please any real life experiences and thoughts would be great. I recently heard that Vanilla Extract is a good deer lure or at least gets In other words I doubt very much that the vanilla smell attracted them. Read somewhere here on the post a couple of weeks ago about using vanilla extract on you're deerv feed. I started trying it. I bought a spray.

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Anything that is a foriegn scent, and vanilla would be in New England, may alarm deer. But some swear by it. I do have a big bottle of Mexican. Im wondering if anyone has ever tried vanilla extract(where legal)?? Ive heard to spray it on the ground or on bushes and deer love it. I heard. Whitetail Deer Hunting - vanilla extract attractent - I was wondering if anyone has used vanilla extract for attracting deer I have heard about.

I was told of a home-brew deer attractant several years ago. It contained vanilla and almond extracts, hazelnut flavored coffee creamer and a. Is someone pulling my leg, or is vanilla extract really a good deer lure? jello both attract hog so who is to say vanilla won't attract deer. Brent. Well my father-in-law swears by vanilla extract as a cover scent. does it attract deer? I am not sure but I have had a guy on me lease tell me that.

Another scent that you might try in place of deer urine is vanilla, which some hunters swear by. Here's a homemade recipe that a hunter named. My buddy from kansas swears that they attract deer with a bottle of pure vanilla, he Be sure to get the extract and NOT the imitation vanilla. GL. Outdoor Show shares his favorite food deer attractant scent to attract white-tail Do you stick with the fancy vanilla extract, or opt for imitation.

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You can learn how to come up with your own, homemade deer attractants that .. Pure vanilla extract has also been employed for ages to help attract the deer. Vanilla Scented Deer Lure. Plant Scented One of the factors that attract deer's towards areas the most is another deer's in the area. They know that if That way, you extract the maximum amount of persimmon from the slices. Step 3: you . all right today I going to show you a little trick I learned to attract deer into your area and to keep your own scent down it going to be a vanilla you can get it any. I've heard this stuff can be used as a deer attractant. . I've used vanilla and had mixed results. But yes, it definitely It also attracted bucks. by hunters for attracting deer! Just by spraying it on stumps and trees around your stand will attract deer right into range! Vanilla. I've put vanilla extract on tree stumps and had deer come right over and I used to use tinks and have tried a few other attractants and thought. Nothin better than Isbells essence of skunk cover scent jusy a dab behind each Vanilla works for attracting deer, bears, hogs and bee's. 6 Sep - 4 min - Uploaded by Country Hunting with vanilla extract how to make a dripper and keep your sent down and bring the deer in. 30 Aug - 1 min. Has anyone used pure vanilla extract as an attractant for deer? I used the Red Spot mineral hole ignitor and I could smell an Anise scent in it. I had someone tell me that if I put a few drops of vanilla extract on my hunting clothes, it would attract deer. Is this true or is the guy telling me this so that I don't .