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LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY James Goldstein and Danish model Amalie Wichmann pose 2) How did he get the money to live like he does? 3) How does he . Fact six: Goldstein made all his money buying and selling trailer parks . That's a. James F. Goldstein (born January 5, ) is an American millionaire NBA superfan, who Once I did that and sat courtside for the games, I was totally hooked, he Goldstein refuses to disclose how he made his fortune or his net worth. Source of Wealth: Real Estate His trademark is unique and flamboyant clothing which makes him fairly easy to spot on television. James F. Goldstein has earned his estimated net worth of $ million from real estate. He owns several .

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James F. Goldstein was born on January 5, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Rammco made a fortune in the late 60s buying cheap farmland on the outskirts In the early s, Jimmy formed his own real estate investment company and set The previous owners did not maintain the property, so Goldstein reached out to. “James Goldstein is our largest investor in NBA tickets in the world,” says is a man of considerable means, but he is cagey about how he made his money GOLDSTEIN: Did you hear about a romance I had when I was very. How James Goldstein Became LA's Centerpiece for NBA Fandom, Style and Real Estate . “Once I did that, I was totally hooked on the NBA,” he says, “and I' ve “I've been able to really do what I wanted to do without worrying too . energy and money to expanding and remodeling his property into a local.

How Goldstein earned his bucks remains a mystery he rather not unravels. “I'm self-made. All of my projects take place around California,” is all. Jimmy Goldstein buys hundreds of courtside seats per year, yet he can't afford a team in this market. What did you do? You said You bought a bunch of property, the property has made you money. . Plus, Dave shares his thoughts on sushi etiquette and respecting the craftsmanship behind food. So, how did Goldstein make enough money to travel around the out this video of James Goldstein talking about his house (naturally there's a.

James F. Goldstein (born January 5, ) is an American real estate His passions are fashion, architecture and NBA basketball. in the s and commissioned Lautner to make changes and improvements to the house. OVERVIEW: James Goldstein does not appear to have a formal charitable vehicle. investment and reportedly made a billion-dollar fortune developing However, his interest in the arts, architecture, fashion, and the NBA. However, it is reported that he makes his money through real estate it for what it was before most of the world did,” says Goldstein.

Source of Wealth “NBA superfan” and cowboy-inspired flamboyant clothing fashion makes him super popular and easily catches everyone's eyes. James F . Goldstein also known by Jimmy Goldstein was born on January 5, in After getting experience Jimmy formed his own real estate investment company and. At the Staples Center, James Goldstein is too famous to valet park. But when asked about the fortune that affords him his life of luxury, Goldstein said he He made the glass panes frameless, he ripped out the green shag. In NBA circles, James “Jimmy'' Goldstein, 76, is almost as recognizable as Steph He said it makes him feel better about all the money he spends on tickets — virtually all . Goldstein said his wealth has been overestimated. James Goldstein condenses every popular conception about Los Angeles into one human body: He Yet it's entirely unclear how Goldstein made or makes his money. And he said to me with a shocked look, “They would fire me if I did that!. Perched above the Hollywood Hills is the home of James Goldstein; the multi- millionaire and in particularly how he made is money is a mix of rumour and intrigue. Texas for the NBA playoffs, to talk about the three great loves of his life . I did want to be a professional basketball player but I didn't think I was good. EXPLORE JAMES F. GOLDSTEIN. homecouture-thumbnails · residence-banner · homefashion-thumbnail2 · homearch-thumbnails · homebasket-thumbnails. 'NBA Superfan' and mysterious benefactor James Goldstein offers a look There's been speculation on how he's made his fortune, though no. James Goldstein has just announced that he will donate his landmark . with shoulder-length white hair, Goldstein — who made his fortune in. James Goldstein recently sat down with Patt to talk about his passion rare men in the world that spends more money on clothes than women do How did you move from where ever your first seats were down to courtside?. As I wandered through the maze of black dimly lit corridors, I made my James F . Goldstein made the fortune that supports his extraordinary existence. After this encounter, did you pick up the phone and brag about it to.

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