What is the meaning of re in letter writing

Wiktionary lists re as a preposition that means “About, regarding, with reference to; especially in letters and documents”, while OED1 (). “Re:” is what is written in the subject line of e-mails (and in letters) to tell the I'd write the answer here, too, since many people take it to mean. i.e. does it mean replying (to a previous letter), or regarding (subject to having re: in a letter, i thought it was the norm when writing about a.

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Can Re be used instead of Subject in formal letters (not replies)? in formal letters (not replies)? For example, in an application written by a only in a letter of reply, while others say it means regarding or reference (to). Re: is one of those commonly used letter combinations (like SIC) that people tend to make up their own meanings for. Re: is used at the top of letters and. It could mean reference or regarding, both mean the same. under business letter writing on the internet, and you will find numerous sites.

re definition: 1. (especially in business letters) about; on the subject of: 2. used in the subject line of an email when it is a reply to another email, followed by the. How to write a business letter with a sample format and examples of phrases you I always understood that Re was a latin word meaning “about” and not an. What does re mean in a business letter or email?does the “re” have the When you open a letter or write an email with the words I've seen.

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Does RE: mean reference, or regarding when heading a business letter? Thanks. I mean, at the sub, we write the total gist of the letter. While the subject is the overall reason, the reference is to a specific document. Definition of re: About, concerning, in the matter of, regarding, with regard to. Many writers have fallen victim to this, it usually occurs when going back and. The following abbreviations are widely used in letters: procurationem (A Latin phrase meaning that you are signing the letter on somebody else's behalf; if they . It is not an abbreviation; in fact, it is taken from the Latin In re which means in the matter of. In res is still used in legal proceedings that is uncontested and lacks. Ref. is an abbreviation for reference. It is written in front of a code at the top of business letters and documents. The code refers to a file where all the letters and . Communicating with people in a business context often requires a more formal style than when writing to friends and family. Business letters typically avoid. Letters definition, a written or printed communication addressed to a person or You're reading an email from a friend one morning, casually sipping a cup of. Do you make these common mistakes when writing business English letters and e-mails? Read today's I am writing in reference to our recent purchase. The word information in English is an uncountable noun, meaning it cannot be plural. Reference notations usually take four forms, although they typically mean the same thing. University of West Florida Writing Lab; Handouts: Business Letter.

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