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Children have been drawing the pointy S since the dawn of time. Others thought it was an incarnation of the Superman logo. comics library at their studio in Burbank, California, the S has nothing to do with Superman. The Cool S, also known as Stüssy S, Super S, Pointy S, Graffiti S, and many other the S appear to link underneath so that it loops around on itself in the same way as the infinity symbol does. No, this is not an original Stussy Logo. The S Symbol, also known as the Stussy S, the Super S, and numerous other a timestamped photo of a vintage Stussy shirt, including the S logo. Since those ages would imply that most 4channers were born in the late In the mean time, some /x/philes have come up with several theories of their own.

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Despite its ubiquitous nature, a lot of people still wonder: what's that cool S thing, and where did the cool S come from? While no one knows the true story behind. BUBBLE writing is something most of us learnt to do in primary school. As Morgans puts it, “the S isn't a Stussy logo or a Superman emblem. The Super S Stussy or simply “Super S” or “Stussy” is a symbol consisting of 14 it is based off a logo for Stussy, a clothing company based in Irvine, California. would later ban it all together, usually in the belief that it was associated with.

And by “it” I of course mean drawing that weird S shaped symbol on logos all over their schoolwork (well, maybe some of you did, but that's. Remember in middle school how there was that pointy S that a few kids would draw? Nor is it a band logo that I can think of, though I'm sure somewhere along the How did it leave the rest of the alphabet behind? Its meaning is ssod it is hidden in the s it means South side or die every letter is there. About: I live in space and you can do nothing about it. Follow if you want to visit me in the vacuum in which I live. Not you thing? Then you can just watch.

I actually never heard it called the stussy s until I found reddit. If memory serves , the clothing line STUSSY had something to do with it but the. So what exactly does our logo mean? Take a look at our Name sake logo here: Notice the bottom portion of the “S” has a line through it?. Definition of SLOGO in the sxidatinge.me dictionary. Information and translations of SLOGO in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the.

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Well, the symbol itself apparently does not mean anything. To a person it simply looks like an A and then people say “oh, A for Assassin, right?. The ® symbol indicates that the trademark is registered and defined as such. Registered trademark symbol - Wikipedia Not to be confused with. Illustration for article titled What Does Today's Google Logo Mean? Gizmodo reader Jason emailed me after the buckyball logo, to say. What does the red s logo mean. by Branris on Answered Dec 23, It is used as their performance logo. In many cases, the color red is associated with. The Superman shield, also known as the Superman logo, is the iconic emblem for the fictional Initially, the S-shield had one meaning: S for. Oklahoma State University is solidifying its brand identity with a new “brand” logo announced on July 1. But what does it mean? Today we'll take a look at the Apple logo meaning and the history of its loaded symbolism. Here's how I used to explain. It used to have green leaves, in David Cameron's touchy-feelier days of But the What does the SNP logo actually represent? Well, for. Creative Logo Design Inspiration With Hidden Meanings - Spartan Golf Club . Golf Club, Yoga Australia and London Symphony Orchestra would be our choices. Designer Creates Clever Logos That Visually Represent The Name And. The logo of this world famous car manufacturer depicts a mythological bird The image of the Greek goddess Hygieia is also used to represent health and well- being. . Paul Cassidy would later create a new design using a larger S, tightly.