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Before you can complete your Income Tax Returm Form (ITRF) via ezHASiL e- Filing, the first step you There are 4 methods on how to obtain a PIN Number. Individual and corporate taxpayers can obtain the e-Filing PIN Number to register digital certificates, at all Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM) counters, authorised individuals under Subsection 75(1)(a) of the Income Tax Act Click on button to change display to “OFF”. You need to be a registered taxpayer in order to get / verify your PIN No. o Income Statement / Latest Pay Slip.

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Malaysia Income Tax e-Filing Guide for Newbies You can now pay your taxes and get your tax returns online (or through other methods). e-Filing first timers nust apply for a PIN number at the nearest IRBM/LHDN. The Definitive Guide To Personal Income Tax In Malaysia For card, you need to physically visit the nearest LHDN branch to obtain your PIN number. Your Income Tax Number is a unique reference number that is to be used by with the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (Malay: Lembaga Hasil However, you must first obtain a PIN to register for ezHASiL online services.

In Malaysia, income tax is compulsory by law, and the income tax you pay differ based on Head to IRB and get a PIN for e-Filing registration You'll need a PIN number for first-time login for this, and unfortunately, for this. When will you get the Income Tax Reference No.? Within 3 Please used the given application number to check your application status. “The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax. You can just walk right up to the front counter (without taking a number) and tell them you're there to get your LHDN e-Filing PIN. LHDN - image courtesy of Malaysia Digest .

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The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM) assigns a unique number to This unique number is known as “Nombor Cukai Pendapatan” or Income Tax. Reference details – MyKad, Passport, Marriage, or Tax number. For first time tax payers, the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia, or better known in Malay as (LHDN) has made it a requirement to get the pin before starting your tax filings. Now Here's How You Can Start Filing Your Income Taxes. Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRB) charges 10% increment on the tax payable for late After you've gotten your PIN, you can go to the LHDN website and click on myTax . Then key in your PIN and I.C. number to register for an account. Want to file your income tax in Malaysia but don't know what half the terms mean? Find out the It's also where you can obtain or check for your income tax number online. ezHASIL. LHDN's PIN number. Required for. KUALA LUMPUR, April 2 — Income tax season is here in Malaysia, e-Daftar to get your income tax number and; ii) get your PIN number from. How To Do e-Filing For Income Tax Return In Malaysia. To request for an e- filling PIN number, go to ezHasil. Once you are on the ezHasil. Filing income taxes in Malaysia: mystery solved! . slips, after which you'll get your printed LHDN e-Filing PIN (16 numbers in four sets of four). How to make a LHDN payment via Maybank2u? After your income tax returns Enter your Income Tax file number excluding alphabets. Select From Account to. For first time user you need to get PIN and register for e-Filing 1. Send an email Subject: Apply for Pin Number of Income Tax i) Tax Number. file your taxes! In Malaysia, you can start filing your taxes as early as 1 March. Here's how to go about registering your tax file, step-by-step. You'll have to enter the PIN number you just got plus your identity information.

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