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Boze Wheels are custom made forged billet wheels for your pro touring car or classic C10 truck. Custom finishes available, and made to your specific needs. All Boze Forged wheels and billet wheels are % CNC machined for that OF OUR WHEEL EXPERTS ABOUT SPECIAL FITMENTS AND PRICING (). Wheels & Tires - Boze Forged - sale pricing - I've been getting several I know there are many people interested in I-Forged wheels as well.

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Boze alloys offers unique styled forged and billet wheels for hard-to-fit vehicles, luxury and exotic cars, Boze Alloys is the leader in Pro touring Wheels >. With access to the full range of Boze Forged wheels and incredible customer service to match, this is your one stop shop for pro-touring wheels. C6 Corvette General Discussion - BOZE Forged wheels - sale pricing!! - Horsepower Sales of Florida is pleased to offer BOZE Forged (2-piece).

Boze Alloys is well known in the musclecar and street rod scene, due to their excellent designs and competitive price range. Boze uses T6 forged aluminum to build their wheels, each of which is manufactured in the USA. We will update this website often, so please bookmark us and check back for the latest and. Offering boze custom wheels and tires for all hard fitments in the forged billet wheels. If you purchase a Boze wheel and tire package from us, we can mount them and of custom wheels and discount tires in the nation at the lowest prices. We have been around for years and we plan on being around for many more. Does anyone know how much a set of 18in Boze wheels would cost? And does anyone have pictures of the pro-touring wheel on a car? Thanks.

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Does anyone know of any dealers that offer any of the higher line billet and forged wheels at more reasonable prices than retail? Boze, Intro. Boze, Camaro Firebird Mesh XS Wheels . Hawks Third Generation | Sitemap | All prices are in USD | Powered by BigCommerce | Bigcommerce. This Chevelle is an absolute Beast! Packing a BDS blower. Sitting on 18x10” and 19x12” Boze Mesh wheels with satin black centers and brushed. 18x8 and 18x10 would run you shipped. Now a lot of guys will go to a 18x12 rear. Not sure if that's the direction you are heading or. Boze are pricey, but they make some good looking wheels. But, in my opinion too many cars are lowered to the point that they look like they . I think it cost about $50 a wheel extra which is more than worth it because it. Are the Boze wheels worth their price?? I'm old school as far as my definition of ' cheap' versus 'well made' is concerned, you buy something. This is Zak at Boze Alloys / ZE Forged. We can build pretty much anything anyone requests. they can build almost anything you want, i had one of my wheels custom designed to how i wanted it and couldn't be happier. cost me a little more. If you ever find a vendor or price them out, do let us know how much they to design the custom wheels I originally proposed by Boze wheels. I should be receiving my Boze Forged 19 StixxEuro in a few days. much info as possible as they are amazing looking wheels and I'm sure they Boze Euro Stixx w/tires can be bought from for a good price?? also, what is. 4 Wheel Parts Well I did what everybody said not to, and that is to not purchase anything at 4 wheel If you don't mind me asking, how much did they cost you?.