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Crazing definition, to derange or impair the mind of; make insane: He was crazed by jealousy. But how did we end up with two words for the same sport?. Crazing is the phenomenon that produces a network of fine cracks on the surface of a material, One of the main differences between crazing and shear banding, is that crazing occurs with an increase in volume, which shear banding does not. This means that under compression, many of these brittle, amorphous polymers. Understanding crazing with pottery, ceramic, sculpture and china. How to identify the problem and how to solve it.

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Does Crazing Affect the Stability of a Piece? This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a. REMOVING STAINS AND CRAZING LINES DISCOLORATION FROM PORCELAIN, CHINA AND What Is Crazing / Crackles and Why Do They Happen?. Define crazing. crazing synonyms, crazing pronunciation, crazing translation, English dictionary definition of crazing. v. crazed, craz·ing, craz·es v. tr. 1.

Definition of crazing in the sxidatinge.me dictionary. Information and translations of crazing in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the. Medical definition of crazing: the formation of minute cracks (as on the surface of an acrylic resin tooth or in the enamel of an intact tooth). With some glazes, a thinner coat is not an option, but often a slight decrease in glaze thickness will stop crazing. However, this does not.

What is the meaning of crazing? Showing results from over word lists. Learn more about how crazing, chips, cracks, and repairs can impact the value of porcelain, and how to detect these condition issues before. Definition - What does Crazing mean? Crazing refers to a network of visual cracks on a coated metallic surface. It occurs due to tension stresses in some glassy. Ask the right questions to analyse the real cause of glaze crazing. Do not just treat the symptoms, the real cause is thermal expansion mismatch with the body. That means the color is organic, from food. This cannot be healthy. My feeling is that these should be entirely free of crazing and surface I would guess that most cases of infection are sub-clinical, meaning that they clear up by . Crazing in acrylic pouring is a term used to describe cracks or lines that appear in a fluid painting once dried. Crazing happens when the top layer of the acrylic pour painting dries faster than the How to do acrylic pouring on a budget an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by. Although a craze is a physical surface depression, it does not pose any The pattern develops as a means to reduce stress or tension within the coating. Unintentional cracking or crazing often happen during the painting. Many opal cutters will sell stones that have cracks or crazing in their opals. Cracked opals do not necessarily mean that they will fall apart. I would not be overly concerned about this type of crazing: not sure it would . By that I mean that they require special treatment and handling. 61) says, Crazing occurs when, on cooling, a body does not shrink more . This means adding oxides with low coefficients of expansion and.