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Do you know when your last menstrual period began or how long it lasted? If not, it might be time to start paying attention. Tracking your menstrual cycles can. Find out how long your period should last, including how birth control can affect your period. Menstruation typically works on a monthly cycle. Normal menstruation can last from one to seven days, although for most women with regular menstrual cycles, their period lasts an average of three to five.

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There's no hard and fast rule for how long your period should last, but anything between two and seven days is generally considered normal. Long or heavy periods may also be one sign of a health condition that should be addressed with a healthcare provider. It is possible to have. How long does a period last? The menstrual Most menstrual periods last from 3 to 5 days. The average menstrual cycle is 28 days long.

Your period can last between 3 and 8 days, but it will usually last for about 5 Girls have their first period during puberty – 11 is the average age for puberty to. The average age for the menopause (when periods stop) in this country is 50 to Periods last around 2 to 7 days, and women lose about 3 to 5 tablespoons of. Period length varies significantly from person to person, but there is an average length to consider if you're worried. Here's how long your.

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There's a pretty big range of normal when it comes to period length. Usually, it can last anywhere between five to seven days, says Jessica. There is a range of normal bleeding – some women have short, light periods and example your period normally lasts 5 days and is suddenly 9 or 10 days long. A menstrual cycle is considered to begin on the first day of a period. The average cycle is 28 days long; however, a cycle can range in length from 21 days to. When you first start having your period, it may last only a few days. Your first few Anywhere from 2 to 7 days is normal. Is that to long to be having you period? Periods usually last from three to seven days. Sometimes the length of a girl's period changes from. In the U.S., the average age of a woman's first period is years old, to two hours) or abnormal bleeding that last more than seven days. How long does a normal menstrual cycle last? A menstrual cycle is the time from the day a menstrual period starts to the time the next period starts. The average. Most women get their period about 12 to 16 days after ovulation. The menstrual cycle is 28 days on average, and a normal period lasts. How long is the average menstrual cycle? Your trusty judgement-protective shield malfunctioned on your last trip to see your mother?. Getting a period is a natural part of becoming a woman. Find out more How Long Do Periods Last? Periods Periods are a natural, healthy part of a girl's life .